Book of Sexes helps people gain a better of understanding of gender differences and human relationships. It employs Chinese proverbs to explain a variety of concepts related to the differences between men and women, in particular, mate selection, love, and sexuality.

The blog addresses these matters through the introduction and explanation of related Chinese proverbs. Each of the 36 chapters (corresponding to one locution) covers one specific topic relevant to the overall theme of “differences between men and women”, ranging from physical attraction, sexual selection and preferences, through masturbation to orgasm or adultery.

It does not only clarify who we are (men and women), but also reveals what we want, and why that is so. It helps people who want to avoid misunderstandings get quick information about the own and the other sex for better relationships.

The unique advantage is that the insights and advice are based on thousand-year-old Chinese proverbs. As memorable expressions embodying given facts of experience, such sayings are taken as true by many people. Based on this premise, Book of Sexes uses existing scientific research to demonstrate the accuracy and applicability of these proverbs in our daily life and our relations with the other sex – in both serious and playful ways.